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Terminator Salvation Trailer

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The next film in The Terminator franchise could either be very good or very bad. Considering what most fourth installments of a film series usually are, history is not with Terminator Salvation. Adding to any fan of the original two Terminator film’s scepticism is that the director, McG’s (yes, apparently that is his credited name), most famous films to date are the two Charlie’s Angels films. Not exactly the director who would first pop into your mind when thinking about the legendary Terminator films. 

However, there are some good things going for Terminator Salvation. The first and by very much foremost is the casting of Christian Bale as John Connor. Bale is with out a doubt one of the best actors working today, and his mere presence gives this film a whole lot of credibility. Add to that the information coming from the production camp. They are looking at this film as a kind of “rebooting” of the series. Now the term “reboot” is thrown around a little too much these days, ever since Christopher Nolan’s “reboot” of the Batman series (also starring Christian Bale), but in this case seems like a valid vision. With the film now focussing on the actual war between mankind and the Skynet robots, there is also an opportunity to take the franchise in a new direction, one that could continue for a few more films. Also, McG, has apparently conferred with Mr. Terminator himself, director James Cameron, as to the direction where the next film should head. 

Anyway, the new trailer for Terminator Salvation is out, and it actually looks pretty damn cool. It certainly looks like a lot of action will be involved and add to that the acting chops present, and this fourth film just might make up for the travesty that was Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Sure it doesn’t have Arnie,  but it just might be worth a look.

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Written by Dale Weber

Wednesday, 10 December, 2008 at 7:51 pm

LOST is coming

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Well it has been 6 long and boring months since the finale of Season 4 of Lost aired and there is still a little bit more waiting to do. The good news is that a countdown to the next season is now worth commencing. In exactly 7 weeks from today, Lost Season 5 will premiere in the U.S.

The end of Season 4 was quite a cliffhanger, with some of the castaways escaping the island, the island itself “disappearing” and a major revelation concerning John Locke in the flash-forwards. With only two seasons left to go, presumably we will start to get some answers to the multitudes of questions that have arisen during the show. Questions such as: What exactly is the island? Who exactly are “the others”? Why doesn’t Richard age? What is the “monster”? Why did Charlie have to die? Why is Walt special, and why did the others let him leave? Why is Jack really such a pompous arsehole? What is the Dharma Initiative and the Hanso Foundation? Is there anyone more awesome than Locke?, but mostly, What the hell is the show about? Okay so that is a lot of questions, and hopefully we will start getting some answers.

To whet your appetite check out the Season 5 trailer the official Lost website.

Also it seems ABC will be releasing a series of sneak previews for the first episode, with the first one also available at the Lost website. It seems someone knows the truth about Kate and baby Aaron’s “relationship”, and wants to reveal it. My bet is on Charles Widmore, but hey I wouldn’t put it past Ben Linus as part of his sneaky scheming.

Anyway, remember to check out the previews and get excited.